Posted by: servicecoordination | October 7, 2014

Service Coordination Is Now Hiring


Join Our Team!

Service Coordination, Inc. employs more than 280 Resource Coordinators in offices throughout areas in Southern, Central and Western Maryland; serving more than 14,000 individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our staff are highly qualified; education of a Bachelor’s degree or higher is a requirement for hire. Our Resource Coordinators have on average 6 years’ working experience with us. They work hard each and every day to make a difference!

Service Coordination, Inc. is also unique due to our mobile workforce and technological capabilities which allow us to work from virtually anywhere in the communities in which we serve people. If you meet the following qualifications and are interested in being part of a dedicated team that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities, please apply today.


1. Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in a human service field.*

​2. Significant experience in working with people with developmental disabilities preferred.

3. Belief in and ability to implement the principles of self-determination for people with developmental disabilities.

4. Must be willing to assist people with developmental disabilities to develop community connections and support networks.

5. Ability to or experience in working collaboratively with different groups or service systems to identify, coordinate, and assure appropriate services.

6. Experience with person directed individual planning.

7. Must have energy, persistence, flexibility, good negotiation skills, and the ability to deal professionally and positively with difficult situations.

8. Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends, to meet the needs of people served.

9. Good time management and organizational skills.

10. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

11. Ability to prioritize work.

12. Have a reliable automobile to travel to visits, meetings, etc. and a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.

13. Be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel; ability to learn new technology


1. Assist individuals in identifying life goals and specific preferences.

2. Assist individuals in identifying and utilizing community connections and natural support networks.

3. Educate individuals about self-determination, enviable lives, and natural supports and assist individuals in exploring the implications for themselves.

4. Recommend supports and services to help individuals achieve their goals.

5. Coordinate the Individual Plan specifying preferences and supports and services for each assigned individual.

6. Locate and coordinate services. Provide technical support and direct assistance in locating services to include resolving crises.

7. Advocate for and assist individuals in advocating on their own behalf.

8. Monitor identified supports and services to determine individual’s satisfaction with services, and quality of services, addressing concerns as necessary.

9. Work cooperatively with individuals, families, service professionals, and others to ensure that necessary supports and services are located and implemented.

10. Participate in activities that promote community awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities.

11. Recommend and engage in projects designed to empower people with disabilities or to expand or improve the service delivery system.

12. Participate in meetings and training sessions that offer learning opportunities and that promote and enhance skills and professional development.

13. Maintain accurate up-to-date files for each individual served, and maintain other files as necessary for the success of the project.

14. Complete other administrative duties as required.

15. Perform all duties as described, and others as required, using the foundation of agency philosophy and values.
For more information and to apply now, visit:

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