Posted by: servicecoordination | March 10, 2015

Office Updates

Service Coordination, Inc. (SCI) has provided resource coordination services for more than 32 years. Our experience has taught us that our service coordinators are most beneficial to the individuals we support when they are out in the community, directly engaged with people. Service coordinators prove to be most valuable in offering supports when they are actively present in the places where individuals work and/or live.

Over the last few years, we have identified and implemented technological advancements that allow our service coordinators to better perform traditional office duties while out in the community. An added outcome of this evolution in working style is that we now have a decreased need for office space. Instead of sometimes being located at a nearby office, service coordinators will now be out in the community even more, where they are most helpful.

Because of technological advances that empower our newfound mobile working abilities, we have identified several area office spaces as being unnecessary as we evolve. Service Coordination is now undergoing office consolidations and will soon operate under a Regional office system, with main offices in the Central and Western Regions, as outlined by The Developmental Disabilities Administration. SCI will retain satellite offices in far-reaching areas of the state of Maryland.

Changes and evolutions in our work are always directed by the wants and needs of our community and we will continually adapt to best suit those who count on SCI for resource coordination services. In addition, by consolidating offices into Regional areas, we are able to reallocate expenses for our organization while lessening our carbon footprint of excessive energy costs.

Services and service coordinators for individuals will remain the same. Some contact information for Service Coordination will change and this is located at


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